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The limitless possibilities of Solid Plastering

When it comes to solid plastering your options are limitless. Jordan established the artistic freedom within the industry during his apprenticeship and has pushed to learn more and try new things since.

When people think of solid plastering or rendering they think of the basic sponge finish. Client's are amazed by the range of finishes available due to differing products and textures, so let's explore a few.

Sponge Finish (the one everyone automatically pictures)

This is your basic finish that most companies will quote you for using sand cement products. This is the finish you will most likely receive if you're not aware of the options. Sand cement sponge finishes are a sturdy and economical finish however often come with a shorter warranty and requires more maintenance through painting.

You can however use a range of acrylic products to create a sponge or smooth finish as well, and we're surprised at how little clients know about this. Smooth acrylic finishes can be tinted to your choice of colour which allows a seamless and consistent finish across your whole home. Acrylic products are also less susceptible to water damage and come with longer warranties.

You can read the real difference between sand cement and acrylic here.

Roughcast Finishes

These finishes are achieved using various materials, most commonly sand cement, but allow us to create a rough and worn look. These finishes are great for creating a rustic appearance and are sealed before we leave site.

Concrete Finishes

There are some beautiful products available in today's market that allows us to create a concrete look on your wall with render. In fact, we're starting a home in New Farm shortly that is using one of these products for their interior living space (be sure to be following us on social media for the photos)!

Stucco or Tyrolean Finishes

This finish came from the Alpine regions of Austria and offers a stylish textured finish to your walls using various products.

Other Finishes

This list could really keep going on and on, so I thought I'd leave the detailed parts with some of the most common features and then just touch base on some of the other finishes. Other finishes (which really just prove the limitless capabilities) mimic the looks of white set, stone, split stone, marble, strike, concrete panels, glass, groove finish, bamboo, brick, timber, elephant skin, tiles and more!

Solid plastering isn't just a matter of throwing render from a trowel to a wall, it truly is an art, and one that we're passionate about. Contact us today if you're looking for a bespoke finish for your home.