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Cement Render vs Acrylic Render

Many people are aware of solid plastering (also known as rendering); however people aren’t always aware on the range of products and finishes available. The biggest debate is cement render vs acrylic render.

Our choice is acrylic, and here’s why.

Cement render is a durable product that provides a smooth finish, most commonly known in the building world for its sponge finish. It is important to note that cement renders can only be used for brick or block substrates and require painting upon completion. On the plus side, cement renders are a more economical choice, which makes them ideal for investment properties or quick face lifts.

Acrylic renders on the other hand are ideal for seamless, long lasting finishes. Whilst it is more expensive, the products are much more flexible. Acrylic renders can be applied to a range of substrates using various systems including, brick; block; plasterboard; fibre cement sheeting; PVC substrates; and more. Acrylic renders can be tinted to the clients choice of colour and are a complete finish, meaning you don’t need to paint or find a painter once the work is complete. The range of finishes available using acrylic renders is also much larger.

Overall, we feel like you get better value and less stress from choosing an acrylic render finish.

If you have any further questions regarding the debate of cement render vs acrylic render, please feel free to contact us to ask. Not only do we pride ourselves on our finishes, but also on product knowledge.