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What's involved in rendering my home?

You may be thinking of heading into some DIY over the weekend, or finally organising those quotes you need to, so let's quickly go through the process of rendering your home if it's on the list.

Firstly, give Jordan a call on 0413 030 611 and he will discuss with you the scope and organise a time to meet you on site. When he meets you, he will go through a sample pack with you to establish what finish you're after and do a full measure up. You will then receive a quote (usually within seven days) and if you choose to proceed we will organise a systems guide from our suppliers and get the work started.

How long will the job take? A really common question we get asked, however we can't give you a definitive answer. We will usually give you a guide however it's dependent on weather, suppliers, and curing time of the products.

Okay, so what's curing and how long does it take? Curing is the time in which the product takes to completely dry before we are able to apply more coats. Curing time varies dependent on the products, the next coat and the weather. Approximate curing times will be on the systems guide from our suppliers.

Do we have to prepare the walls? Well, it depends on the substrates we are working on. Jordan will discuss the preparation with you on site and include the preparation work in your quote.

What about external fittings? This is somewhat up to you. Larger fittings that are on or close to the walls such as air conditioning units and water tanks can generally be left on and we will work around them. IF however you're going to remove the air-conditioner or change it at any point, we recommend you take it off to avoid any requirement of patch repair work down the track. Brackets and water pipes will all be removed by Jordan and the team. Water pipes will be replaced with plastic sleeves for the duration of the job before the PVC piping is refitted. We will not under any circumstance render over brackets.

How messy will it be? Solid plastering is an incredibly messy trade, we will absolutely make a mess, BUT, we will also most definitely clean it up. When working down a wall to an existing floor we will use plastic and cover the floor up, we will also cover window/door trims and glass if we feel it's necessary. If we are working down to grass or dirt then we will dig a small trench alongside the wall that will collect the render droppings to ensure a smoother cleaning process.

So, should you come in before other trades? Most definitely not. Ideally, we want to allow all other trades to finish. If you have trades coming in after us it is likely there will be damage to our work and unfortunately to repair some products means redoing the entire wall. We take pride in ensuring that we don't damage any work completed by any other trade.

Hopefully the process and Q&A's we get asked at onsite visits will assist you in planning your renovation or build! If you have any other specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!