• JM & MJ Solid Plastering

The Reno + Design Show 2021

At JM & MJ Solid Plastering we value client education and are shocked by the encounters some clients have with other renderers and the lack of knowledge shown by other businesses within our trade. We enjoy being able to assist our client's in making informed decisions surrounding their rendering works and saw the Reno + Design Show as the perfect opportunity to do just that. The show enabled us to connect with residential clients, architects, interior designers and builders to share our knowledge, expertise and the range of possibilities available.

The Reno + Design Show was a two day event held on the 13 & 14th March showcasing a range of industry leaders. Our whole team took turns rotating shifts over the weekend and were all thoroughly impressed with the turn out and interest we received, so thank you to all that came along. We displayed a range of samples using Giorgio Graesan and Rockcote products, a portfolio of our works, and gave away a beautiful custom made coffee table that was coated in Muro Naturale. A wonderful weekend was had and we ticked another milestone off for our business.

If anyone is looking for more general rendering information feel free to have a look through some of our other blog posts (or leave a comment with questions for anything we haven't yet discussed). Otherwise, if you're after project or furniture specific information, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to assist.