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Common Solid Plastering Mistakes

Solid plastering can transform a house into a dream home, however like all home improvement projects it can go pear shaped if the wrong choices are made.

So, here's some common mistakes made in the process of solid plastering

Poor preparation

We all know the saying 'if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail'. This saying is accurate in the solid plastering industry as the preparation is the foundation for the rendering system. This preparation can range from removing existing render to angling a new wall to taping up existing surfaces and substrates and everything in between. Whilst we include all preparation work on our quotes, not all companies do so it's best to check this if it isn't clearly stated anywhere.

Incorrect products and systems

The render market is saturated with brands and products to produce a range of different finishes. What is crucial to know is that every product comes with a system and a range of requirements which suppliers can provide. Some considerations that will ultimately decide which products are required are:

- Where the render is being applied (internally or externally)

- What substrate is the render being applied to

- What the desired finish is

- Is there excess moisture in the substrates

- Is the area prone to weather conditions

There is nothing wrong with you learning about the products, most brands will have technical data sheets for products available on their websites, and definitely don't be afraid to ask for specifications.

Low quality or incorrect tools

This may not seem overly important but we can't stress how strong the connection is between tools and a seamless finish. There are a range of tools (trowels in particular) available to utilise for different products and finishes. Not only are the correct tools important, but also ensuring that the tools are of good quality and undamaged. A flat, smooth and seamless finish won't be achievable if your trowel is poorly curved.

Rushing the job

We understand that renovations can take a long time and it can be hard to remain patient. We also understand you may have an expected timeline in mind for the work based on research or recommendations from family and friends. However solid plastering isn't a job that can be rushed if you want it to look great and last. We've previously discussed curing times and again will stress the importance of allowing the materials to cure which is dependent on the products, the system and the weather. Not only will rushing affect the finish, it will also affect the warranties available.

Qualifications (or lack of)

This isn't to discredit people in our trade because there are some great renderers that haven't undertaken qualifications, but rather have learnt through on the job training and experience. We do however recommend you engage with businesses that have at least some qualified solid plasterers on their teams because there is a reason it is a four year trade.

If you're planning to utilise solid plastering to transform your home feel free to reach out to ask questions or request a quote by emailing us at or calling Jordan on 0413 030 611.