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Benefits of Solid Plastering

We asked Ben Morland, the director of Grayhaus why he opts for solid plastering when designing and building homes for his clients, and his insightful response has summarised this entire post.

I’m a big advocate for solid plastering over other finishes when it comes to relying on products that will not age.  We use solid plastering finishes as it improves the durability, water tightness, acoustic and thermal properties of the homes we build for our clients.  The skilled workmanship from Jordan and his crew can create a sleek smooth modern appearance or a layered textured architectural finish to any surface, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Most commonly, particularly in a residential setting, solid plastering is utilised to enhance the aesthetics of a property. By boosting the aesthetics of a home, you're ultimately boosting the sale value.

"Street appeal is everything when it comes to selling homes, it entices buyers to enter the property and want to know more. In our area, we have a mix of Queenslanders, old brick homes and brand new homes. Rendering can give the tired and old brick homes a facelift making them look brand new and fresh, which can ultimately add value to the sale of a home."

Anne Fidler - McGrath Estate Agents Wilston

What a lot of people aren't aware of though are the long term benefits of applying render products to their homes.

Firstly, insulation. Render shouldn't replace insulation, but it adds it's own insulating effect to the walls it is being applied to. You may not have noticed, but a lot of buildings in the Northern Hemisphere use solid plastering both externally and internally, and the insulating effects contribute to the reason why.

Secondly, solid plastering improves the durability of walls, regardless of whether your walls are made from brick, block or board. By applying render products over the top of your walls it protects the building substrates by removing the direct exposure to wind, water and sunlight.

Lastly, it can save you another job. By using certain products within the acrylic or natural materials range, the render can be tinted, meaning you don't need to paint (or find a painter)!

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