• JM & MJ Solid Plastering

Environmentally Friendly Renders

It's safe to say that society is shifting towards a more sustainable world. There is much more awareness surrounding our eco footprints which is ultimately guiding the decision making process, even in the construction industry.

One thing that many aren't aware of is that there are a range of materials within the rendering industry that are made from all natural materials. Suppliers have taken it back to basics with some improvements (as in, they're no longer using beer and eggs). These materials are not only natural, but they allow us greater artistic freedom to create bespoke finishes like the ones below for our clients. These products give endless finishes and can be tinted to a vast array of colours.

These environmentally friendly renders and plasters contain lime, sand and water. Lime is a natural material that has been used for as long as rendering has been around. It is more environmentally friendly than cement render because it takes less energy to produce and surprisingly absorbs carbon dioxide as it sets. On top of that, it is the ideal render because it allows the walls to breathe, is less prone to cracks, naturally mould resistant and it is resilient to water, which is why it's such a trend in bathrooms, kitchens and wet areas.

So there you have it, if you're looking to include rendering in your renovation, consider enquiring about and using lime plasters. Just be sure to use a trained and skilled artisan when it comes to these products.