• JM & MJ Solid Plastering

Eco-Friendly Render Options

It's safe to say that society is shifting towards a more sustainable world. There is much more awareness surrounding our eco footprints which is ultimately guiding the decision making process, even in the construction industry.

One thing that many aren't aware of is that there are a range of materials within the rendering industry that are made from all natural materials. Suppliers have taken it back to basics with a bit of an improvement (no longer using beer and eggs). These materials are not only natural, but they allow us greater artistic freedom to create bespoke finishes like the ones below for our clients. These products give endless finishes that can be tinted to a vast array of colours.

Jordan's love for his trade has allowed JM & MJ Solid Plastering to continue learning and evolving with industry courses and keeping up to date with products on the market. Jordan has become certified with Giorgio Graesan to apply a range of their natural products and we're so excited to see where it takes us and to be able to offer sustainable finishes!

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